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Experience Does Matter

Experience is often overlooked and disregarded in most Western cultures of today, especially in the business arena.

Who brings more value to a company, the more experienced tenured employee or, the more educated new employee? Over the decades, this has been debated in many corporate boardrooms and HR departments. We frequently hear of younger, highly educated employees replacing older and much more experienced managers or executives. To make matters worse, often, the company expects the manager or executive to train their replacement in a few short weeks or months before being replaced!

Experience, though, can never be taught. As most experienced professionals can tell you, there are nuances, scenarios, situations, particular skill sets, etc., pertinent to any industry that cannot be taught; they are gleaned over the years from experience only.

So, why are there so many well-known and respected professional designation organizations that require from no years to only a couple of years of professional experience to qualify for their designations? Their emphasis lies mainly on passing their exams while charging thousands of dollars. It's not based on experience.

Which physician would you pick to perform surgery on yourself or your loved ones, the newly graduated, highly educated surgeon with a couple of surgeries under their belt, or the surgeon that has successfully completed thousands of surgeries over the years?

Our designations require seven years of experience for our coveted CMIP® designation, five years of experience for our CMIS™ designation, and three years for our CMIR™ designation.

Join Us! Come see how our emphasis on our core “K.E.E.” fundamental values of knowledge, experience, and ethics can make an impact on your career and the confidence that your clients have in you.

To our CMIP®, CMIS™, and CMIR™ Family, thank you for your commitment to excellence.

Thank you for all that you do!

Kevin Firth, President

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