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CMIP-NEWS and Updates:

To our CMIP® / CMIS™/ CMIR™  Family:
We need to take this time to re-evaluate things in our lives. We shouldn't get so busy in our careers that we forget what is really important in life...our family, friends, loved ones, and humanity in general. While we are forced to take a step back during this pandemic, and any other adversity that may head our way, let us take deliberate steps forward in building our relationships.
May God be with you and your families.
 Kevin Firth- President

  • Writer's pictureC.M.I.P.

Updated: Feb 17 is your serve?

No, I'm not talking about the one with a racquet in your hand. I'm talking about service to your family, your clients, and your fellow human beings.

If you are like me, your service can be improved. In fact, we can all improve our service.

We can always do more and become better at serving others.

It may be by simply picking up the phone, making a call to a friend or loved one in need to ask if there is anything you can do for them. It may be volunteering for a non-profit organization, or helping out a neighbor in need. It may be seeing an issue or problem in your community and doing something about it.

As CMIP®, CMIS, and CMIR Designation Holders, no matter how experienced and professional we are, we can always do better at serving our clients. As Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and PDP producing agents we serve, primarily, the senior market.

Service is something that most senior citizens understand and value greatly, because they were either raised by what some call "The Greatest Generation" of Americans to have ever lived, or by their parents who were raised by this generation. This greatest generation of Americans knew the meaning of service, duty, and sacrifice. They saw the First World War as children, then went through the "Dust Bowl" of the Midwest and the Great Depression as teens and young adults, and as adults, faced and defeated one of the greatest axes of evil in the history of the world during WWII.

My grandfather was a part of this generation. He served in the 5th Armored Division, Reconnaissance, in the European theatre during WWII. He was one of the heroes in my life. One of the greatest men I've ever known.

After serving in the military, my grandfather went to work for Phillips 66, serving there for 43 years before retiring. After retirement, he wasn't finished serving. My grandmother became bedfast, after a brain tumor that was removed when she was 40 years old grew back and left one arm and her legs paralyzed, right around the time of my grandfather's retirement. My grandfather took care of her 24/7 for seven years until her death. He fed her, bathed her, changed her clothes, and changed her bedpans. His dreams of travel and leisure, supplanted by compassion and duty. Never once did I hear him complain.

His life was the epitome of service. His life was a representation of an entire generation (of course there were exceptions) who set the standard for what it means to serve. It seems in subsequent generations we have lost sight of what service truly means.

This New Year, join me, all CMIP®, CMIS, and CMIR designation holders who serve our seniors, in trying to live up to the ideals of service of the "Greatest Generation" by improving our service. If we do, our clients will certainly take notice, appreciate it, and spread the word. This is how we succeed, not only in our careers, but in our families and communities.

If you are a health insurance agent who possesses our core "K.E.E." values of Knowledge, Experience, and Ethics; always striving for excellence in what you do, we want you to join us!

Click on the button below for more information.

Thank you for all that you do, for your family, your clients, and humanity.

Together, we can make a difference.

Kevin Firth, President

Certified Medicare Insurance Planner™, DBA

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

As we close out and come to the end of another AEP season, while climbing our way back to a semblance of normality from the adversities of the past two years, may you and your family find peace and joy this Holiday Season!

I want to thank all of our CMIP®, CMIS™, and CMIR™ Designation Holders who participated in this years Annual Enrollment Period. As our designation holders, I know you went above and beyond the call of duty to educate and assist your clients in choosing vital health care coverage.

You truly are essential workers by any definition!

Thank you for serving your clients professionally and admirably as only our CMIP®,

CMIS™,CMIR™ Designation Holder Family can. I commend you! You are our heroes!

Here at Certified Medicare Insurance Planner™, DBA, we believe that Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach, is the reason for the Christmas Season and that He can bring that peace and joy we all are searching for!

However you celebrate the Holidays, may you and your family have a very joyous Holiday Season and a blessed New Year!

Thank you for all that you do!

Kevin Firth-Founder/President

  • Writer's pictureC.M.I.P.

AEP is here!

During this fast paced season of AEP, let us as CMIR, CMIS, and CMIP® designation holders rise to the occasion before our clients and colleagues, exemplifying the exceptional professionalism that makes us different from other agents out there.

As a CMIR, CMIS, or CMIP®, we are the elite in our industry.

We possess the core "K.E.E." values of Knowledge, Experience, and Ethics that set us apart from other agents. This difference places us at the top of our industry.

In order to maintain our elite status, it is imperative that all of our designation holders bring our core "K.E.E." values to each and every client, during each and every appointment, seminar, or event. Do not compromise! Always be compliant and professional.

May all of our CMIR, CMIS, and CMIP® designation holders have a successful and blessed AEP!

Be safe out there!

Thank you for all that you do!


Kevin Firth, President

Certified Medicare Insurance Planner™, DBA

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