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Certified Medicare Insurance Planner TM

The CMIP®, CMIS™, and CMIR™ professional designations have been reviewed and approved by a state insurance department legal counsel as being in compliance with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Model Regulation 278-1 on the use of senior-specific certifications and professional designations.          

Most states have adopted the NAIC Model Regulation 278-1. The states of California and Connecticut have not adopted the NAIC Model Regulation 278-1; therefore, our designations are not available to resident agents in those states.                                    


The CMIP®   professional designation has been determined by FINRA® to be appropriate for listing on the FINRA®  website database for professional designations.

Go to for more information.

How To Locate Your Unsaved AHIP Certificates:


I.  Go to                                II. login

III. At the top of the page, click on the transcript.

IV. Choose the years that you need and click "Filter."

V. Go to the Certificate column and click the certificate icon to download. 

VI. Scan your certificates into one pdf file and send it to us on this page in the upload section or, email to:                         



If you meet the criteria of membership (At least 7 years as a health insurance producer with 7 years of AHIP or Carrier Medicare Advantage and PDP certification for the CMIP®, 5 years each for the CMIS™, and 3 years each for the CMIR™), fill out the form below. 


Next, upload a copy of your insurance license and your AHIP or Carrier MA/PDP certification for the past 7 years or more for the CMIP®, 5 years for the CMIS™, and 3 years for the CMIR™ and Press "Submit Information Here" yellow button. (Please scan and combine all of your certificates into one pdf file before uploading. You cannot submit multiple files.)


Once your documents have been received, we will begin our verification and vetting process. If approved, we will notify you via email and send our Code of Ethics/Violation Policy/Agreements Document for you to sign and email back to us. You then pay your membership fee through our website.


Once awarded designation, you will be able to immediately use your CMIP®, CMIS™, or CMIR™ professional designation within our allowed parameters.


We will notify you by email if not approved. You do not pay your membership fee until you've been approved.

To maintain your designation, you must submit your annual AHIP or Carrier MA/PDP annual training certificate, showing that you have passed, along with the renewal fee, due on the first day of your anniversary month as a member every year. You must also continue to abide by our Code of Ethics/Violation Policy/Agreements document and remain in good standing with your resident state insurance department.


Upload Here
Years of AHIP, or Carrier MA/PDP certification
Upload Here

Thanks for submitting!

*Note: If you have not been a licensed health agent and have not completed AHIP, or equivalent certification, for 7 years, you do not qualify for the CMIP®  ; 5 years for the CMIS™, and 3 years for the CMIR™.  Please allow 3 to 4 business days to process.

  • Member Fee

    Valid for one year
  • Renewal Fee

    Every year
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