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As we slowly get back to normal...thank you CMIP®, CMIR™, and all MA/PDP agent Heroes!

As state and community restrictions and guidelines are easing from the pandemic, we still need to be sensitive to those around us. No matter your viewpoint on masks, social distancing, vaccinations, etc., we should have respect for the concerns or non-concerns of others. When communicating with clients, allow them to take the lead in determining how they would like to meet. If meeting in person, do they want you to wear a mask? Do they want to social distance? Would they rather meet with you online? While things may be slowly getting back to normal, our clients may still have fears that we need to be sensitive to.

MA/PDP producing agents went above and beyond the call of duty last AEP, during the worst part of the pandemic, by putting their own health at risk in order to educate and assist their clients in choosing vital health care coverage. I commend you! You are unsung heroes! You are essential workers by any definition!

While the challenges from this pandemic are not over, and unseen dangers from future pandemics or disasters may be lying in wait, I have no doubt you will step up to the challenge, adjust again if needed, and serve your clients admirably and professionally.

CMIPs and CMIRs, you really are the elite in our industry!

My hat goes off to you!

Kevin Firth, President

Certified Medicare insurance Planner™

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